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China Fractional Horsepower Motor Industry Association

Zhou Xiuyuan

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2008, China will celebrate the 30th anniversary of reform and opening up. In these 30 years, China"s electronics industry has made a tremendous achievements, there is there for all to see! In order to implement the Party Central Committee and the State Department"s line, principles, policies, China Electrical Equipment Industry Association organizes and guides the entire industry to step up to the resource-saving and environmental protection, strengthen the capacity for sustainable development, take the electric appliance standards as point of penetration, synchronizing with independent innovation technology, develop standards research formulation and promote advanced technology, reduce energy consumption and reduce emissions; Expand breadth and depth of opening to the outside world, improve the level of opening up, enhance substantive participation in international exchange activities, expand various forms of international and regional cooperation and exchanges, and support enterprises to carry out international management in research and development, market and so on.
The establishment of GuangDong M&C Electric Power Co.Ltd provides a good opportunity for electrical industry to seek new breakthrough. It will effectively promote the fast development of the electrical industry .It builds a effective trading platform for domestic and foreign demand for electrical products and suppliers. At the same time, it promotes fractional horsepower motor enterprises to strengthen cooperation and exchanges so that they can take advantage of each other"s strengths and realize win-win development.
Friends, look forward to the future, there is still a long way to go, let’s seize the opportunities, blaze new trails, work together, do solid work, with more diligent efforts to create a more brilliant performance, and compose a new and sustainable rapid development chapter for China electrical appliances industry.
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 GuangDong M&C Electric Power Co.Ltd


Zhang Zhenfeng

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Welcome to visit the website of GuangDong M&C Electric Power Co.Ltd.Thank you for paying attention to our company.
GuangDong M&C Electric Power Co.Ltd. was established in 2003, after several years of stormy history, with all sectors of the community"s strong support and concerted efforts of all staff, the company have been flourishing, the business in the power industry has made extraordinary achievements.
According to statistics, there are existing more than 2000 fractional horsepower motor production factories and accessory production factories. The host manufacturers are over 1000 and there are more than 30 million people are engaged in the industry. In 2006, the output of small power motor production are over 1.5 billion, the gross industrial output value is nearly 40 billion yuan, the average growth is 20
percent every year. The next few years, the motor products will be widely used in household appliances, automobile industry, medical equipment and instrumentation equipment industry, agricultural motor and so on. For above reasons,GuangDong M&C Electric Power Co.Ltd.was born, where you can appreciate the latest achievements and development prospects of motor technologies and products. We will provide advanced information in the field of motors. We not only provide unlimited business opportunities and information for customers and. Manufacturers all over the world, but also promote the development of motor production in domestic more. We believe that GuangDong M&C Electric Power Co.Ltd.will become a world-class motor import and export company in the near future.
We anticipate your visit and message. Here we would like to invite regional distributors sincerely to develop hand in hand, share our prosperous!

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