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AFJ series compact type asynchronous motor
view AFJ Series compact type asynchronous motor Product Name: AFJ Series compact type asynchronous motor
Introduction AFJ Series compact type asynchronous motor General Description   M&C developed its three phase induction motors which allow easy maintenance and high performance level. Optimized design
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AFJ Series compact type aSynchronous motor

General Description


M&C developed its three phase induction motors which allow easy maintenance and high performance level. Optimized design, quality of materials used. These motors suitable for several market segment applications including mining, sanitation, cooling systems, cement, oil and gas, steel plants, pulp and paper and others.Veritas Quality Institute in accordance with ISO 9001 requirements. As well as all M&C medium and high voltage motors are also certified by internationally recognized certifying institutions such as CSA (Canada) and CQC (China).
Each parts of the motor’s mechanical dimension and tolerances comply with GB/T1800~GB/T1804 and ISO standard.Outline and mounting dimensions and power class of the motors comply with IEC72/JBT10444-2004 standard.These series motor’s IP class comply with GB/T4942.1-2001(IP code)-IP55,also customized; These series motor’s Cooling method comply with IEC60034-5 standard –IC411,and the mounting comply with IEC60034-7(IM code) .


Squirrel Cage Motors
Due to their design versatility and excellent operating conditions, Squirrel Cage Motors are used on a wide variety of applications in the industry. Among other equipment, they are used to drive machines and equipment that require either variable or constant torque applications such as fans, pumps, grinders, conveyor belts, compressors, laminating machines, mixers and others.
Slip Ring Motors
Slip ring motors are usually applied on high inertia loads or on high resistant starting torque loads. They are also required when there is starting current limitations on the power supply system.The most common loads driven by these motors are: ball mills, crushers, fans, exhausters, shredders and grinders for cement and mining industries, steel plants, among others.Slip ring motors can be supplied with motorized brush-holder system or fixed brush-holder system, as required by the load and operating conditions.Slip ring motors fitted with motorized brush-holder system offer important advantages in terms of maintenance once
they allow the brushes to be in contact with rings only during motor starting. Hence, avoiding brushes and slip rings wear.

Constructive Characteristics

Manufactured either with welded steel plates or cast iron, the frame is motor structural component that accommodates, supports and protects the active magnetic part of the motor. Its rugged construction offers excellent mechanical strengthen to the motor along with low vibration levels.
Regarded as the static magnetic part of the motor, the stator consists of a steel laminated core. The coils forming the stator winding are fitted into the lamination core slots. The stator core is mounted directly on the motor frame.
The winding is specially designed and specified for the voltage and application they are intended for. Medium and high voltage motor coils are manufactured with rectangular copper wire, form-coiled and totally mica tape insulated. Conductive and semi-conductive tapes are also used to insulate the coils to ensure improved resistance to corona effect.
Regarded as the rotating component in the electric motor, the rotor consists basically of a shaft and a steel lamination core. On slip ring motors, either the squirrel cage or the rotor coils are fitted into the lamination core slots. The squirrel cage can be built with aluminum die cast or with copper or brass.The rotor is designed taking into consideration the required starting torque and motor operating conditions.Shaft is manufactured with several types of thermally treated steel such as AISI/SAE 1045, 1524.
M&C counts on a series of equipment to perform balance up to 3600rpm. Computerized equipment allow accurate balance on all rotors. As a consequence, M&C motors present significantly reduced noise levels. The standard balance is provided in two planes. However, the company has the capability of providing three plane balancing whenever required or when requested by the customer.


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